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UNICRI Participates in High-Level Conference on Women, Peace, and Security

UNICRI Participates in High-Level Conference on Women, Peace, and Security

Chisinau, Moldova -


UNICRI was honored to participate in the high-level conference "Women, Peace, and Security: Empowering Women, Building Peace and Security" held in Chisinau on May 21, 2024. This event underscored the shared commitment to advancing the "Women, Peace, and Security" (WPS) Agenda in the Republic of Moldova and highlighted the strong partnership UNICRI has developed with the Moldovan Government.

The conference, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in collaboration with UN Women thanks to the financial support of Sweden and Denmark, brought together key stakeholders to promote national and international cooperation for the effective implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (S/RES/1325). On October 31, 2000, the Security Council passed Resolution 1325, which emphasizes the crucial role of women in conflict prevention, peace negotiations, peacekeeping, and post-conflict reconstruction. It underscores the need for their full and equal participation in all peace and security efforts.

Participants to the conference included experts, representatives from public institutions, special guest speakers from Ukraine, and members of diplomatic missions, all dedicated to advancing gender equality and enhancing peace and security efforts.

UNICRI played an active role in the fifth session, "Advancing the WPS Agenda – Opportunities and Collaborations. During this session, UNICRI had the opportunity to share key recommendations and lessons learned from Member States aiming to advance general awareness on gender and security-related issues, improve workplace conditions in law enforcement agencies, and enhance career opportunities for women officers as well as the design and implementation of effective gender-balanced security policies. 

Building on the excellent cooperation established with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova, UNICRI reiterates its willingness to establish new partnerships to continue promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5, which aims to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.

The conference successfully fostered collaboration and dialogue among participants, reinforcing the importance of empowering women to build peace and security in Moldova, the overall region, and worldwide.