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UNICRI launches the AI for Safer Children Global Hub

UNICRI launches the AI for Safer Children Global Hub

Equipping law enforcement worldwide with Artificial Intelligence to combat online child sexual abuse and exploitation

The Hague -

UNICRI is proud to announce the launch of the AI for Safer Children Global Hub. The Hub is a unique centralized platform for law enforcement agencies which aims to combine a comprehensive and intuitive training on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for law enforcement with an  extensive and easy to navigate selection of AI tools to prevent, detect and prosecute online child sexual exploitation and abuse; as well as with a strong network to facilitate communication and cooperation between law enforcement agencies worldwide.

After two successful stakeholder meetings, more than 70 law enforcement representatives from over 30 countries have already joined the Global Hub. The Hub has been designed through a deep analysis of the needs and recommendations of police officers to make their jobs safer and more efficient, and to maximise the impact they can have when conducting investigations and rescuing children. The AI tools available streamline the workflow and mitigate officers’ exposure to material that can be harmful to their wellbeing.

In addition to building law enforcement capacity and improving access to AI tools with proven positive potential, the Hub also serves as a worldwide platform connecting law enforcement across the globe to collaborate and share their expertise in preventing crimes against children, the most vulnerable in our society. As these crimes are so often transnational, crossing national borders and jurisdictions, building a responsive global community is key to prevent child sexual exploitation and abuse and help victims.

The Global Hub is available in all UN official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Free access is granted to all law enforcement officers and agencies worldwide that are working to combat this growing criminal phenomenon. The Hub is also available  to those interested in or already using AI in their work to prevent and counter crime. This includes, but is not limited, to investigators, forensics experts, procurement officers and information technology experts. UNICRI has taken every step to make the Hub platform secure for its users. Access to the site is exclusive to verified active law enforcement officers and there are considerable mechanisms in place to safeguard the anonymity and security of data.

The Global Hub focuses on equipping the law enforcement with knowledge, tools and networks aimed at leveraging the potential of AI to rescue and defend children faster while safeguarding the mental wellness of officers constantly exposed to the barbarity of such serious crimes.

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