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Closing Ceremony of UNICRI’s Specialized Training on Global Threats to Justice, Peace and Security

Turin, Italy -

Closing Ceremony of UNICRI’s Specialized Training on Global Threats to Justice, Peace and Security

The 2nd edition of the Specialized Training on Global Threats to Justice, Peace and Security organized by UNICRI concluded with the ceremony that took place at UNICRI’s HQs in Turin. Postgraduate students, law enforcement officers and security professionals working for national authorities and international organizations from Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Turkey and the United States participated to the training and its thematic modules.

The course examined the evolution of crime and security threats, and deepened knowledge of the international instruments, legal frameworks and good practices to prevent and counter current and future threats. In particular, the training programme focused on the various areas of expertise of UNICRI related to crime prevention and justice such as: trasnational organized crime, asset recovery, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, environmental crimes, counter-terrorism, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risk mitigation.

Furthermore, in line with UNICRI's current priorities, the training integrated in the syllabus tailored modules on threats associated with the dual-use of technological advances, including those related to information technology, robotics and artificial intelligence. The lecturers were globally recognized experts in field of crime prevention and justice, scientists and policy makers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and other justice personnel from national, regional and international organizations at the forefront of the fight against threats to social peace, development and political stability.

A fundamental element of the training was the promotion and exchange of good practices and experiences that allowed for the creation of new networks with leading academic institutions, national, regional and international organizations, and research centres.

The 2nd edition of the specialized training promoted the capabilities of a new generation of professionals ready to work in the international arena to prevent transnational crimes and strengthen the rule of law. In his closing remarks Mr. Leif Villadsen, UNICRI Senior Programme Officer, congratulated the participants, inviting them to advocate for human rights protection, justice and social peace. "Now you are actors in promoting equality and efficiency of the justice systems, and sustaining the development of innovative strategies to combat current and future threats. Help us to create a safer, and more sustainable world", concluded Mr. Villadsen.