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Addressing gender differences in drug prevention and recovery

The II Plenary Conference of the DAWN Project will present the project's initial results and the latest state of the art in the field of gender and addiction. The two years project aims to address gender differences in drug addiction and to advocate, through networking and the exchange of best practices, for a novel gender-based approach among drug addiction professional, to better meet the specific needs of women.

The importance of “gender” has been recently underlined at the Fifty-fifth Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, held in Vienna in March 2012, where a specific resolution was adopted by its Member States. In the Resolution “Promoting strategies and measures addressing specific needs of women in the context of comprehensive and integrated drug demand reduction programmes and strategies”, Member States are urged to actively engage in incorporating female oriented programmes in their drug policies and strategies, while the UN relevant agencies and programmes such as UNICRI and UNODC are invited “to assist and support Member States in developing measures and strategies at the national regional and international levels, addressing the specific needs of women as an essential element of more effective just and human rights based policies”.

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