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Voices against Crime in Naples


The voice of victims for change

A new pilot initiative “Voices against crime” will developed by UNICRI in cooperation with the Municipality of Naples, the participation of the media partners Il Mattino and Fanpage and the involvement of several NGOs.

The initiative aims to give voice to the victims through the collection of their stories and to make their experiences the starting point for the implementation of an awareness campaign to promote future interventions on prevention, development and assistance.

Gino Sorbillo and the Olympic silver medalist Clemente Russo are the outstanding testimonials of the project. UNICRI has entrusted them with the message of the project’s information campaign, aimed at reaching the citizens.

According to Jonathan Lucas, "The culture of law is generated and is strengthened by people. Giving voice to the experience of victims is crucial to understand that people are not just numbers by which to measure the levels of security in our cities. What they have undergone, and what each of us may be subject to, is the starting point for real preventive and supporting actions. We hope the initiative we are developing in Naples will be the first of a series in other cities around the world. The cities are of those who inhabit them and the citizens are the true engine of change. "

"Naples, more than any other city - says Luigi de Magistris - has developed antibodies to social exclusion and urban insecurity. These consist in a valuable asset of networks and associations that work in the field against degradation and marginalization. Every day we work alongside with them, aiming also at establishing a good practice that UNICRI will help us make known. We fight lack of security and exclusion first of all, by increasing Naples’ social capital, by freeing, as we have done, degraded urban areas and by encouraging dynamics of re-appropriation of common goods by the citizens. "

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